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Temple of The Moon, Peru, Elias Luna Jr.

Temple of The Moon, Peru.

Welcome to Transformations in Life! My name is Elias Luna and I am a bilingual Holistic Psychologist, a Spiritual Healer, Counselor, Psychic, Life Coach and the founder of Transformations in Life. Each day I help people like you to improve your well-being, clear the chakras (energy points), aura and balance the meridians. I will assist you in eliminating the blueprints that create unhealthy beliefs and may be affecting your life. With a variety of healing techniques, I can help you to release karma, negative thoughts and feelings, let go of the past, unblock the flow of abundance and master your emotions. I am a spiritual healer who feels that the real core of wellness is in the balance of spirituality and energetic flow. I help people achieve their highest potential through the use of psychotherapy, targeted energy healing, clearing and balancing energies. In this process, I specifically address and help you to eliminate the negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes that have built up throughout your life. My sessions are powerful and transformational. I can guarantee you that my sessions are unique and you will feel transformed after a session. Allow me to help you reach you highest potential.

Tarot is my life’s love. Artwork, as we all know, evokes feelings and thoughts within us, and these ideas and insights can be used for growth and fun. The beautiful pictures of Tarot are fresh and wonderful stories about us, and about our friends, family, and life. Tarot is the story of our Soul’s Journey. In a session I incorporate my Psychotherapy approaches with Spiritual Counseling providing you with an amazing experience, as well as, the perfect combination to guide your present life situations. I am honored to connect with spirit guides and will provide you messages that they may have for you.

Elias Luna JR

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