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Ceremony To Bring A Soul Mate

Ceremony To Bring A Soul Mate - Elias Luna Jr

When you are “ready” to bring that special soul mate into your life to share your journey with, this is a very powerful ceremony you can do. Sit comfortable in your favorite place. Set the room for a very special ceremony. Light your favorite candle or incense, I recommend both, just make sure that you have a candle to bring the light of the Universe into the room.

Play music that brings you joy, I recommend music without words, but this is not a rule.Take a piece of paper and a your favorite pen. Take a few deep breath and say an intention or prayer. When you are in a place of love and joy, connected with your true self and don’t let your ego is guide you. Write to the Universe (God or who ever you believe) the qualities of that special someone.

It is very important that you are very detail oriented in this ceremony. Be very, very, very specific: how tall you want him/her, how loving, qualities, values, profession, the kind of relationship you want, and more that will make that special person enrich your path. When you are done take this piece of paper and keep it in a place where you can send love and is close to you.

It can be a place where you keep good memories. One of my masters said to me, ” You will know when you are ready to write this letter.” To me this meant that you “CAN NOT” do this ceremony when you are desperate or in a place of need. It must be done when you are ready to share your life with someone and NOT when you need someone to complete you…


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