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Ritual to Attract Money

Ritual to Attract Money - Elias Luna Jr

I highly recommend to do this ritual when there is a lack of money in your house or business. It is very simple to do and will take you only a few minutes of your time. Take a moment before begining this ritual and center yourself, play soft music and light a candel. Also, invite your friends and family to this ritual with you (it will add more energy to it). Please, don’t do this ritual out of desperation. If you do, it will not work.

You will need:

  • A Lodestone
  • A Dollar Bill (or any amount bill)

Take the bill and put it on a table. Take the lodestone and hold it between your hands. Charge the Stone with green money attracting energy. As you are charging it, visualize yourself having plenty of money in the bank and in your wallet to pay the bills with. See yourself with plenty of money in your hand and around you. Keep these visualizations up for a few minutes and then say this chant over and over again:

“Stone of Power
I draw this hour
Money, Prosperity and Abundace
To me.”

Place the lodestone on the dollar bill and visualize yourself having plenty of money for a minute or so while gazing at the stone on top of the money. Keep repeating the chant for a few more minutes. After you are finished with this, pull the dollar bill out from under the stone and then place it in your wallet (or bank account if you can). Keep the stone with you (on your pocket or purse) or keep it in the house or business to attract more money.


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