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Ritual To Cleanse The Energy of The House

Ritual To Cleanse The Energy of The House- Elias Luna Jr

This ritual can be performed at any time of the day and of the month. I highly recommend to perform it on a full moon, but it does not have to be done at this time. This ritual can aid the healing of the energy of the house and/or office.

If you feel your house or office dense and things are not going well. If you feel that you can not sleep well or perform your daily duties in a normal manner, then the energy is not flowing well and this may be affecting you and/or your love ones.

You will need:

  • 7 Spoons of Rock Salt
  • 7 Spoons of White Vinager
  • 7 Spoons of Alcohol

Mix all in a bowl with some water. Take a paper towel or a piece of white towel and soak in the mixture. Go to every corner of the room that you are cleansing and clean it in a circular way. If the energy of the house or office is too dense , you may feel a headche. If you do, sometimes that is normal, but you may have to cleanse yourself after that with the ritual of cleansing negative energy.


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